If you are interested in a firefighting position with Blue Collar, please email us your resume and copies of certificates.  Preference for all positions will be given to Blue Collar planters with firefighting experience. 

 We are looking for individuals with the following certifications and experience:

  • Crew Leader – S100, S185, S212, S230, S235, ICS100, and Crew Leader on three fires OR ten days as a firefighter (minimum 120 hours required in either case)
  • Firefighter - S100, S185, and five certifiable days (12 hrs/day) actively involved in firefighting
  • First Aid Level 1 with Transportation Endorsement
  • Power Saw Operator
  • Pump Operator
  • Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor

Applicants must undergo a physical fitness test and meet a moderate standard of fitness: walk 2 miles (3.22 kilometres) carrying 25 lbs (11.34 kilograms) within 30 minutes)



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